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Are you the owner of a Lely Astronaut milking robot, but not a member of the Lely Ambassadors Club yet? As a part of this loyalty programme we provide you with a regular – free – magazine and internet newsletter on practical themes related to Lely in general and to the Astronaut milking robot in particular. 


The purpose of the Lely Ambassadors Club is to encourage the exchange of ideas. Milking with a Lely Astronaut milking robot is not only another way of milking but, above all, another approach for you to manage your business. We see that a regular exchange of ideas and experiences can bring farmers new insights; in this way, perhaps you can increase the success of robotic milking on your farm even further! Are you interested in joining the Lely Ambassadors Club? Then please click the “Register now!” button. We look forward to welcoming you in the Lely Ambassadors Club!


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